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ISUZU World Premiere 2023

加速させよう、「運ぶ」の未来。Accelerating the future of transport


Accelerating the future of transport

On March 7, 2023, ISUZU announced
its new corporate key message.

Accelerating the future of transport

Isuzu’s corporate key message for 2023 is
“Accelerate the Future of Transport.”
This was the first in a series of events designed to convey ISUZU’s vision for the future.


Having established “Accelerate the Future of Transport” as our corporate message for 2023, ISUZU positions this year as one for all to see and sense ISUZU’s contribution to realize a brighter future by addressing various social issues and challenges in transport.

ISUZU World Premiere 2023 was held so everyone around the world can not only witness the unveiling of the all-new N-Series (ELF in Japan) and F-Series (FORWARD in Japan) but also get a sense of both how our upcoming products and technologies will accelerate the future of transport and how ISUZU intends to transform itself.