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ISUZU World Premiere 2023

Event Report

On March 7, 2023, Isuzu held the ISUZU World Premiere 2023 event at Pacifico Yokohama to deliver its message to the world and unveil the all-new N-Series and F-Series.

ISUZU World Premiere 2023の映像が流れている会場

The silence in the expansive event hall is abruptly ended as the audience is greeted by an array of audiovisual effects.
For more than a century, Isuzu has supported transport and delivered “Reliability” to customers all over the world. In an everchanging world, is reliability enough to succeed?

Reliability, confidence, quality, and trust. All of these are crucial for supporting transport, the heartbeat that keeps life moving. At the same time, diverse and engaged employees deliver the powerful message that growth and future success can only come out of innovations that address pressing social and environmental issues in transport.

In an emotional opening ISUZU underscored its determination to combine both, “Reliability” and “Creativity” and become a true innovation leader that moves and evolves the world. It is the combination of the trusted and the unknown that creates true value.


Next, President Katayama appeared on stage. He explained that the objective of this event, in addition to being a product announcement, was to convey how Isuzu, which has been delivering vehicles all over the world, is undergoing a major transformation this year.
Changing Isuzu itself becomes synonymous with changing “transport,” which, in turn, will change future society for the better.

That resolve, reflected in the message of “Accelerate the Future of Transport,” is the heart of this premiere global live streaming.

President Katayama’s message raised the audience’s expectations by conveying how the new products and technologies will not only accelerate the transformation of transport, but also of ISUZU.

ISUZU World Premiere 2023の映像が流れる会場風景

On this note, President Katayama exited the stage.
A video returns to the screen, accompanied by rhythmical music.
This video expressed the type of leadership essential to resolving issues around the world.
It is a passionate message that underlines Isuzu’s aspirations of becoming a leader that changes society through “transport.” ISUZU, a long-time supporter of transport, now has a purpose to shape transport.


With the audience now anticipating the unveiling of the all-new N-Series and F-Series, what instead begins is an adrenalin-inducing performance by the MPLUSPLUS performance troupe. The upbeat, innovative performance features dancers holding LED vision flags in an innovative display of light and music that strikes a different tone from the image that many have associated with ISUZU in the past.

The dancers are holding flags symbolizing the daring “leader” element from the opening video.

The performance captures the President Katayama’s resolute vision to turn ISUZU into the Innovation Leader that moves society forward by combining “Reliability” and “Creativity.”


MPLUSPLUS is a crew of digital creatives who create and develop new forms of expression by pushing the boundaries of physical possibility through unique wireless synchronization stability and theatrical know-how using sound, image, and light.
MPLUSMPLUS worked on the opening ceremony for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics as well as many other projects for global companies and events.
They are also expanding outside of Japan, having appeared at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and the Ultra Music Festival Miami.


Finally comes the unveiling of the fully redesigned, all-new N-Series and F-Series.
President Katayama returns to the stage along with renown radio host Chris Peppler as special MC.
The two have an engaging dialogue about the event, seated on a modern sofa alongside the vehicles.
President Katayama underlines that he wanted the innovative performance to present ISUZU’s departure from the past in a creative manner, a bold comment that left a lasting impression.

The year 2023 marks the first year of electrification for Isuzu, setting the stage for its Battery EV launch. Chris asks why ISUZU invests in developing a variety of powertrain technologies, such as HEVs, FCVs and gas-vehicles in addition to EVs.
President Katayama responds, “Energy infrastructure, road conditions, and regulations vary around the world. The way our vehicles are used and the loads they carry differ from customer to customer. There are as many needs as there are customers. Changes to the vehicle must never compromise the customer’s convenience.”
Here, it becomes clear that the new models also embody the message of “Choose your future.”
“Does that mean that there are more ways to carbon neutrality than just EVs?” Chris asks.
President Katayama enthusiastically responds, “The world must work together to realize a carbon-neutral society. Given the various circumstances around the world, we need to provide as many options as possible to as many people as possible.”


The conversation shifts from the new models to the new ISUZU.
Chris asks, “How are you as ISUZU transforming in order to transform transport?

President Katayama states that ISUZU will launch its new purpose this year and also tackle major and impactful projects such as HR transformation and working style revolution.
He also mentions how he wants ISUZU to boost its corporate excellence through strong and deep alliances with global leading companies on a variety of fronts.

Innovation cannot flourish if you are content with the status quo, President Katayama says. He then shares Isuzu’s vison to make the world a better place by transforming its products and services, and itself.


The discussion moves on to how the new N-Series and F-Series embody ISUZU’s values.
Chris invites the leader of the development project to the stage, passing the baton to Executive Officer Hirao.


Hirao states that it is ISUZU’s purpose to society and duty to address the challenges facing the logistics industry without compromising the convenience of customers around the world.

The answer to this, he says, is the new N-Series and F-Series, which embody the message, “Choose your future.” Freedom of choice is ISUZU’s path towards carbon neutrality.

The development focused on the four points that President Katayama outlined earlier in the event: carbon neutrality, driver comfort, safety, and connectivity.

Hirao notes that while vehicles are evolving to meet these challenges, the ways customers use vehicles will not and cannot change drastically.
He also revealed that the new platform was built according to ISUZU’s proprietary development methodology, I-MACS, to balance ever-evolving needs and the customer’s ease of use. Not only did this result in a substantial lineup of approximately 2,500 vehicle types for the N-Series and 1,500 vehicle types for the F-Series, but it also made it possible for the EV announced at this event to be developed and produced on the same platform, at the same time.

Additional features include an engine with improved fuel efficiency; a cab design that drivers will enjoy working in; an intuitive interior for much easier operation; enhanced safety features designed for all imaginable situations; and connected technology solutions for the coming age of e-mobility.

The presentation raised expectations for the new N-Series and F-Series as they drive toward the future of transport.


The new ISUZU aspires to be a global innovation leader that shapes the future of global transport.
ISUZU World Premiere 2023 marked the beginning of future evolution through the fusion of “Reliability” and “Creativity.”

ISUZU’s continuing effort to move the world will be something to keep an eye on.